To rapidly spread awareness about the existence of free "zero point" energy to fix our planet's main problems.

I don't know if you have ever heard of zero point energy, but his type of energy is literally an "escape route" from the looming energy crisis, and it will change our world forever. Up until this age of information through the internet, this concept has been almost completely hidden from the general public because it threatens to completely dissolve the need for fossil fuels, or for anybody to be connected to the energy grid at all. Therefore, it is easy to understand why the people who control oil and energy would go to great lengths to keep the public from knowing about something that would take all of their money and power right out from under their feet. New concepts that threaten firmly held beliefs have always been cast aside as blasphemous throughout history. This new concept is quite possibly the solution to global warming, poverty, and many other major problems that our generation faces. Imagine the possibilities we can all achieve when we are all able to purchase a small motor that will run your entire house for free and another one installed in your car so transportation is free!

All I did was I went to Google video and typed in 'zero point'. Please check these out if you have time. Just highlight the links and copy and paste them into your browser.

Here is a good documentary about it.

Here is a lecture about it.

I hope you put your thinking cap on and critically think about the information given dealing with this particular subject. Let's not be the generation that "could have done something, but didn't."

Also, I strongly suggest taking a look at this website if you are interested in saving our planet > www.theorionproject.org


1. To spread global awareness of the existence of FREE energy technologies, which will enable decentralization of energy generation.

2. To help all of humanity on this Earth achieve liberation from energy grids and fossil fuel dependency.

3. To enable humanity to work together freely and peacefully with each other.