Support Bill C-232, based on C-373, C-229 to have animal cruelty laws improved in Canada!

Please see many ways to help support effective animal cruelty legislation (New Bill # C-232!) based on C-229 to show our Gov't that in Canada animals matter 2! Due 2 the election we're once again starting over w new Bill # C-232 but the messg remains the same.. 119 YRS W NO REAL CHANGES! The time is NOW!! We need these laws in place to make a difference and we need your help to do this!

Please take a sec and send a LETTER (or many to all MP's, PM, Justice minister/committee and senators!) so easy to do from these great links!
This is critical 2 getting this done and has the most impact!
Another easy link.. http://stopanimalabuse.ca/
ALSO.. Link to find MP's mail, email and ph # to write your own:

PETITION!! We need a huge show of support w Petition Presentation in the House when C-232 is debated!
Support C-232 a Bill based on C-229 as a Govt legislation Petition- Cdns! Print, sign, collect min 25 sigs and send to MP Peggy Nash as sadly Mark is no longer an MP but we will cont. his fight and MP Peggy Nash has re-introduced C-232, a similar Bill based on C-229!
online 1 for Non-Cdns here-
WSPA- also has a Petition they'll be collecting, grouping by riding and using these 2 speak 2 Indiv MP's
Internationally please also support the UDAW (Universal Declaration on Animal Welfare)

CONTACT MEDIA in your area to let them know that animals matter 2!

Var. rounds of Canada wide RALLY's have been held in the past few yrs supporting a Bill based on C-229! Here are some recent pics! Please stay updated for more and messg 2 post others you know of?!
Boycotting Outdoor Adventures in BC, Whistler- Event photos-
A Vigil for the lost lives of 100 Sled Dogs on April 23

More great INFO! (Reminder, Bill C-229 has been re-introduced w new # C-232, prev also known as C-373)
WSPA- recent poll- http://www.wspa.ca/latestnews/2011/will_canadians_vote_with_their_hearts.aspx
MP Mark Holland- http://markholland.liberal.ca/cruelty-to-animals/
Bill C-232- http://www.parl.gc.ca/HousePublications/Publication.aspx?Language=E&Mode=1&DocId=5094015&File=24
Introduced June 16/2011- http://www.parl.gc.ca/LEGISInfo/BillDetails.aspx?Language=E&Mode=1&billId=5088540
Bill C-229- http://markholland.liberal.ca/files/2010/07/C-229_11.pdf
S-203 vs C-229
Timeline: How a bill became a 10-year political football
CFHS- Federal Legislation- http://cfhs.ca/law/federal_legislation/
History of the amendments- http://cfhs.ca/law/history_of_the_amendments/
Commonly asked questions about the amendments-
WSPA- Animal cruelty laws
AFAC- Criminal Code of Canada - Cruelty to Animals Bill
Pet-Abuse.com- Cruelty Connection
(link between human- animal violence)
ALDF- 2010 Canadian Animal Protection Laws RankingsTM
IFAW- Falling behind- report compares countries