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Campaign Opportunities to unite the Cuban Family - Obama & Garcia

Dear all,

One of the most powerful things we can do to unite the Cuban family and have a more humane and strategic US-Cuba policy is to help get Senator Barack Obama elected President.

The Obama campaign is actively seeking volunteers for two main things. First, the campaign needs people to run voter registration drives (or participate in them), particularly for the huge numbers of unregistered Cuban, other Latino and youth voters in South Florida.

Second, the campaign is seeking hosts for "Unity House Parties” to occur on June 28th across the nation. The idea for these parties is to bring together supporters of Obama and Clinton, as well as undecided or Republican leaning voters. We’re launching a dialogue about why Sen. Obama is the best choice to lead our country - regardless of party affiliation. This event could be particularly critical for making inroads with the Cuban community educating people about Obama’s progressive Cuba policy. To learn more about what the campaign is doing and how you can help make history, please call Patrick at 202.271.5316 or e-mail [email protected].

Also, Joe Garcia's campaign is gaining massive momentum, and is actively recruiting talented field staff to build on their successes. Please email [email protected] to apply or learn more.

Un abrazo a todos,

The Cuban+American Majority

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