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Paz sin Fronteras concert & Versailles protests

Hi all,

I hope everyone is doing well! I'm researching the social movement that is needed in Miami (and maybe NJ??) to ensure that Cuban-Americans keep pushing for policies that will both help the Cuban people and continue to build bridges between both sides of the FL straits. I was curious if anyone on this list (or others you know) happened to go to Versailles two Sundays ago for the protest in favor of the Juanes organized "Paz sin Fronteras" concert. I'd love to get a better understanding for what happened that day and how that amazing turnout occurred to speak out against steamrollers and in favor of peace and unity.

It was unthinkable just a few years ago that so many people would turn out on the streets of Miami in favor of something of this nature. What a historic day. Reminded me of Nov. 4, 2008 when I was there in Versailles. We may be reaching a tipping point..

Gracias, un abrazo,

PS - check out this video I took in Havana after the concert of people singing "Gozando en La Habana" and dancing in the streets. It started with a few kids and grew to a crowd of a few hundred. Pretty inspiring:

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