Promoting change in Cuba by uniting, not dividing, the Cuban family.

The Cuban+American Majority

I. The Problem:

The Cuban family is the biggest casualty of the nearly 50-year divide between the U.S. and Cuba. Whether Cubans arrived in the 1960’s or last year, most have had to leave behind un hermano, una mamá, una abuela, un primo. Many wish their loved ones in Cuba could be a part of their lives and want to fight this injustice. Polls show that 64% of Cuban-Americans are against current travel and remittances restrictions to Cuba. Unfortunately, the wishes of this majority are not being heard in our government.

II. Why this is Wrong:

This issue of the divided Cuban family is wrong and must change. As the U.N. Declaration of Human Rights states, “the family is the natural and fundamental group unit of society and is entitled to protection by society and the State.”

Cuban-Americans are the only ethnic group in the U.S. who are, by law, severely restricted both in their right to travel to their homeland and in their right to send remittances to their loved ones. The Cuban family should not be used as a political tool. This is wrong for moral and humanitarian reasons, and it is a violation of universal human freedoms. Furthermore, the Cuban government continues to manipulate this issue – time and again – to divert attention from its own failures and portray the exile community and U.S. government as the villains.

III. Vision of the Future:

We envision a united Cuban family. Concretely, we demand that our national political leaders repeal the harsh restrictions, imposed in 2003, on travel and the sending of remittances to loved ones and dissidents on the island.

IV. Our Mission:

Our mission is to support American political leaders who want to help promote change in Cuba by uniting, not dividing, the Cuban family. We support presidential and congressional candidates who will 1) fight for the removal of the current family travel and remittances restrictions, and 2) allow Cuban-Americans to exercise their rights to travel to the island to learn about the Cuban reality firsthand and convey a message of hope and solidarity.

V. Action Needed:

We will achieve this mission by:

1) creating a large network of highly motivated supporters.

2) building on the historic momentum of the 2008 elections by harnessing the energy of youth to get out the vote. We will encourage people, one-by-one, to vote for a united Cuban family. We will do this by knocking on doors, organizing phone banks, leading voter registration drives and to reach out to Cubans, Cuban-Americans and friends of the Cuban cause.

3) holding events in support of those who will craft a new U.S.-Cuba policy that puts the united Cuban family as its primary goal.

1. The Cuban family should not be divided

2. The majority deserves proper representation

3. It is time to translate our beliefs into action at the ballot box and beyond

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