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Join the ONEpossible Campaign!

We all know the intense power of the Internet - now I'm asking you to put that power to work to help save the lives of children with Progeria. This week The Progeria Research Foundation launched its first annual ONEpossible campaign, with a goal of raising $100,000 to help fund the first-ever Progeria clinical trial, testing a drug that shows great promise to effectively treat children with Progeria. For the first time, there is a possible treatment - and just nine years ago there was nothing being done medically for these children!

There are 10 teams, and each must raise $10,000. Please join TEAM FACEBOOK at and be ONE who makes a cure POSSIBLE!

We know the economy is uncertain at this time, so please know that whatever you can give will make a difference – every ONE of your donations counts. So instead of going out for dinner one night, go online and make a donation. PRF’s Director started us off with the first $30 - now it's your turn!

Let’s show everyone how powerful the online world can be in making the dream of a cure POSSIBLE, ONE by ONE.

Thank you, Facebook friends!

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