Create awareness and search for a cure through scientific research relating to stem cell use

Stem cell research is a light at the end of a long dark tunnel for parents of children with CP like myself, it also provides a ray of hope that maybe someday our children may walk , run, and play just like anyone elses. Imagine your child using every ounce of his strength just to try and grasp a toy or hold his head up at a year old. CP is not a genetic disorder nor is it contagious, it does not often effect the intelligence of the person. It does cause mild to severe impairment of the muscle function and coordination of the person involved. The impairment ranges and so does the involvement my son Aidan pictured on my profile is 14 months old and suffers from Severe Spastic Quadraplegic CP a very long name for.severe involvement of all four limbs and the spasticty or "high muscle tone". There are several types of CP hemiplegia indicates a hemispheric involvement or one sided the diplegia indicates both legs or both arms may be involved. CPiscaused by a lack of oxygen provided to a baby or fetus before during or shortly after birth. Birth asphyxia often manisfests differently in term babies than premature babies. In birth asphyxia the child is often stiff with high tone early on then the tone gradually lessens with time and movements become awkward later on, such is the case with Aidan he was deprived of oxygen during birth.
Stem cells directed into the brain can attach to damaged cells and aide in the repair to damaged areas also creating new pathways within the brain possibly providing recovery to the dead cells within. This means in as little as 2 weeks a dramatic improvement could be seen but only if we allow and promote stem cell research in these areas. Please give my child and others like him a chance to walk, play or just hold his own head up. Spread the word about stem cell research and CP .

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