Stop the myths associated with epilepsy and raise money for epilepsy research.

A seizure is a disturbance in the brain which can present itself as either a physical or psychological symptom. A person is classified as an epileptic once they have more than one seizure in their lifetime. They will often have recurring seizures which can often be prevented by medicines. Unfortunately medicines are not effective for all patients and not all will become seizure free. This disorder affects about 50 million people worldwide including 3 million Americans. Thats about 1 in every 100 Americans!

Sadly, like many other disorders, Epilepsy often affects a person's entire life. Some people's every decision is influenced by the fact that they may have a seizure at any moment. This then goes further into affecting the whole family.

Donations which are used for research as well as other programs can help improve the lives of people with epilepsy around the world. Groups such as the Epilepsy Foundation play an important role in improving the lives of these affected by the condition.

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1. We must end the myths associated with epilepsy.

2. We must raise money for epilepsy research as well as other causes related to epilepsy.

3. We must not allow others to look down upon people with epilepsy.