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Message from Bethany Neumeyer ( UMDF)

At the UMDF, we're encouraging all of our members, friends and supporters to contact their elected officials to ask them to support funding for mitochondrial disease research, so we're making it free and really easy for you to contact them!

Visit our Advocacy Action Center by following this direct link -

From there, you can create a log-in ID and password by clicking "Need a Log-in? Click here." After you've created your log-in ID, the system will automatically find the names and email addresses of your elected officials! All YOU have to do is personalize the letter with your state name and your story (making sure to replace all of the text within [brackets] with your personal information), and click send. The Advocacy Action Center will send your letter to your elected officials letting them know that mitochondrial disease research is important to you!

To date, 335 people have used the action center to send letters to their elected officials - our goal is to have 1,000 letters sent by April 1, 2009, so we need YOUR help.

Have questions? Watch the Advocacy Action Center tutorial at or drop us an email at [email protected]. And please encourage your friends and family to contact their elected officials, too. Together, we can raise awareness about mitochondrial diseases among

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