Protect polar bears and their habitat

Polar bears face a daunting future. From Big Oil's rigs to toxic chemical pollution to trophy hunting in Canada, these great white bears are fighting for their very survival.

On top of it all, an even greater threat looms: global warming.

Their Arctic home is warming at an alarming rate, and the effects are grim: shrinking sea ice, essential for breeding, denning and hunting, is causing more and more polar bears to starve -- or even drown -- in their search for food. Worse, some are even resorting to cannibalism to survive.

Unless we do something now, polar bears may disappear forever.

Visit www.polarbearcampaign.org to learn more about polar bears and their fight for survival.

1. Protect polar bears from Big Oil's toxic chemical polution.

2. Protect polar bears from trophy hunting in Canada.

3. Protect polar bears from the effects of global warming.