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Amazing Misty

Misty must have escaped very young, as the collar she was wearing was so big she slipped her leg through & couldn't get it back. As A result, the collar grew into her as she got bigger. It embedded in her neck 2 to 3 inches. The vet said she would not have survived much longer for the infection was eating at her.
She became feral,afraid to come close to humans. She was finally caught by animal control(not a nice way). Surgery was done & the collar was removed. She has deep gashes around her neck & under& behind her leg(refer to one of the photos).
Misty went to a foster home with whom I've been working with. Misty is mostly Malamute/Husky, but feral experience brought out her wolf instincts. She acts like a wolf-dog. It's possible that she has some wolf in her. She paces around her enclosure when someone enters. There's no aggression shown at all, even if you corner her she just sits down & won't budge.
Her foster dad can pick her up & move her. If you slip a leash over her head, she does the*donkey sit*. You can't get her to move
She will bolt the moment she thinks you're not looking, there for makes her a high escape risk for the average person/yard.
I'm working with foster parents for a couple of months now during her physical healing. They can't keep her much longer for they have 9 border collies & have been so patient & loving with Misty.
I feel now she's healed it is time to go to a sanctuary to learn social behavior and meet other dogs and live a long and happy life around humans.
She has feral behavior, it will be very hard to find sanctuary because they are all full.
Any help or suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
Please contact Pamela Jo at:
[email protected]
To see pictures of Misty, please go to my photo albums look under Misty.
Thank you, Denise.

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