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With spring in the air, the time is ripe to start thinking about Passover.

Every year Jews all over the world gather with friends and family to commemorate our people’s liberation from slavery and oppression. While a significant aspect of this holiday is focused on food—delicious, unleavened food—Passover also provides an opportunity for reflection.

During our seders, we are commanded to retell the Passover story so we will never forget that we were once slaves in the land of Egypt. Times have changed for many of us, but unfortunately there are many others who are “enslaved” in some form or other. With approximately 50 million Americans don’t know when or how they will get their next meal, we can’t claim complete victory over oppression just yet.

Like previous years, MAZON is rekindling its commitment to raising awareness about hunger during Passover. As we remember our own history with oppression, we hope you will take a moment to support and raise awareness for our Passover Fifth Question: Why on this are millions of people going hungry?


1) Bring hunger to your Seder. No, we’re not asking that you don’t eat, we only hope that you’ll discuss “Why on this night are millions of people going hungry?”

2) Activate your network as hunger-fighters. Share our Fifth Question posts and information and encourage others to get involved.

3) Tell us your stories. We want to hear about your hunger awareness discussions. Reach us through Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, Causes. Take pictures of your MAZON placemat, and send them to us. We’ll share your experiences with our larger anti-hunger family.

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