MAZON has a question for you--Can you help spread the word?

With spring in the air, the time is ripe to start thinking about Passover. Every year Jews all over the world gather with friends and family to commemorate our people’s liberation from slavery and oppression. While a significant aspect of this holiday is…Read More

LA Hunger Seder is March 24th!

Pesach's on our minds. Freedom, afikomen, cups of wine, clearing out chametz... For our supporters in Los Angeles, MAZON is co-sponsoring the LA Hunger Seder, to be held March 24th at Valley Beth Shalom in Encino (15730 Ventura Blvd., zip is 91436). Helping…Read More

Help MAZON win $10,000

As the High Holy Days approach, we reflect upon the 40 million people suffering from hunger in the United States (including 15 million children) and 1 billion worldwide, as we experience great sweetness at Rosh Hashanah and great hunger through our Yom Kippur…Read More

Bloggers! Help MAZON win $6000 from Zemanta!

Zemanta and Social Innovation Greenhouse @ Weber Shandwick have teamed up to grant $6000 to causes most favored by the blogging community. The promotion, "Blogging For A Change", runs through June 6th. Talk about why you support MAZON, what our work means to…Read More

Passover 2008

A message from H. Eric Schockman, President of MAZON Every Passover, an acquaintance whom I see once a year at seder makes the same joke. “Nu,” he says, “Why is it I only see you when we’re wandering? Next time, come over and stay awhile.” Our ritual is…Read More

MAZON Food Stamp Challenge

Dear MAZON Friend: Today, over 35 million Americans are at risk of hunger, that’s 12.4 million children who go to school with pangs in their belly; and 22.7 million adults who are faced with the decision of paying their rent or putting food on their table.…Read More

MAZON at the High Holy Days

During the Jewish High Holy Days, let us remember those in need by helping MAZON. This year, MAZON continues its work to help those who are hungry in the United States, Israel and the rest of the world. President of MAZON, H. Eric Schockman says,” On Yom…Read More
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