The project to end genocide and crimes against humanity

Co-chaired by veteran Africa foreign policy and human rights experts Gayle Smith and John Prendergast, ENOUGH strengthens the growing movement of activists and advocates by providing regular field-based research and policy analysis and forging strategic partnerships with grassroots organizations dedicated to these issues. To frame its policy prescriptions, ENOUGH developed a “3P” approach: promoting peace, protecting civilians, and punishing perpetrators. ENOUGH also focuses on a fourth “P”, prevention, and develops policy ideas to build the capacity of the United States government and of the international community to respond to and prevent atrocities. Initially, ENOUGH is focusing on multiple conflicts in sub-Saharan Africa, including Sudan (Darfur and southern Sudan), the Democratic Republic of Congo, Chad, Uganda and Somalia.

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1. Promote Peace

2. Provide Protection

3. Punishment for Perpetrators

4. Prevention