Make that Change Dancing is about inspiring and telling others stories that need to be told. It's not just about that it's can really be used for anything. I've been dancing for 19 years now and I would like to raise money for Causes and Cures. Also to give others the opportunity to dance when they don't because they don't have the money to or because they're afraid because they're a guy and they're afraid of getting bullied. Bullying is a big issue I was bullied throughout my life because of being a male dancer. Most guys didn't like me because I'm straight and I was dancing with their girl. But dance is a profession to me. But it's not just about that dance can do so many things, inspire, make you happy. You can even tell stories. Lets be honest most people that deserve to have their story told don't get it told because they aren't a celebrity or they don't have the right last name or the money. I want to change all that dance for causes, cures, inspiration anything that you can think of. I want to make a difference in everyones life. I'm very open to different ideas and different stories.

Last year a young man at 9 years old had a dream of becoming a dancer. I was inspired and happy. He signed up for classes and started classes, but he started hurting not normal soreness but just pain. His parents took him to the doctors and after various testing he was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma (Cancer of the Bones). His dream of dancing was over. In late March 2012 I received the news he had passed away from the disease. I was devastated, so I asked his parents permission to honor him with a dance. They gave me the go ahead and were very grateful his mother could not thank me enough, but I can not thank her enough what her son did for me changed my life. I've been blessed with this ability to dance and dance at a high level for 19 years her son didn't even get once chance. He taught me that life is way too short. At any given moment everything can be taken away from us without any given notice. So we have to live every breath, second, minute, hour, day as if it's our last every moment as if its our last. Because as my aunt said before she passed from Muscular Dystrophy "There's always someone else out there that has it worse than you". 

So you all know what I'm about I'm adding a link to the video of the dance I did last year for this courageous young man. Any ideas or anyone willing to help such as other dancers, singers anyone I'm very open to your ideas. Check out the video and leave me know what you think. Thank you everyone!