To build a society of faithful parents who can educate children in regards to catholicism.

I was watching the 2007 ESPY's when the Arthur Ashe award was given to two men from Northern Ireland. As many are unaware, Northern Ireland is facing issues of racism and hatred. Catholics and Protestant children are being raised to believe that the two denominations cannot live together, and violence has been a result. These two men (one Catholic and the other Protestant) have used basketball to bring groups of these children, from both churches, together, in attempt to unify their country. I originally wanted to create a charity to help these two men in their mission, but at the time i couldn't find one.
This charity will instead give all donations to Catholic Parents Online. Catholic Parents Online is a website and organization with the desire to further educate Catholic parents. Parents are the foundation of starting a life of faith in children. Well educated parents of the Catholic faith will help children to grow closer to God in faith, as these parents will become educators.

1. The Church recognizes parents' role as primary educators of their children

2. To assist in educating Catholics about the church

3. Spread the teachings of the Church and to grow in faith