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Happy Thanksgiving Day!

We at Ethiopia Reads want to wish all our friends and supporters a Happy Thanksgiving Day! Thank you for all the generous donations and kind words throughout the year. Team Ethiopia Reads

"Happy Holidays"

In this holiday season, I am thankful for all the members and supporters of Ethiopia Reads for their continued compassion and generosity which made it possible for Ethiopia Reads to finish 2010 with great success and pride of accomplishment. We look forward…Read More

"Growing Your Cause Members"

Did you know that a pixel crowd represents the size of your cause members? Your pixel crowd grows or becomes large as you increase the size of your cause members. I also found out that different names are assigned to different sizes of membership. For…Read More

"Ethiopia Reads...and Runs! May, 16 2010.

This is an important milestone for Bay Area supporters of Ethiopia Reads. It demonstrates that over the years we have developed an effective, entrepreneurial and dedicated team and a strong and diverse donor base. The " Ethiopia Reads..and Runs" event raised…Read More

"Ethiopia Reads...and Runs!

Bay Area Friends of Ethiopia Reads is organizing a group of runners and walkers to do the 7.5 mile Bay to Breakers course in San Francisco together on the morning of Sunday May 16th, in an event called “Ethiopia Reads…and Runs!”. Please come and join us for a…Read More

West High School Key Club International members in Tracy,CA.

Frew Tibebu just posted a photo to your cause, Ethiopia Reads (http://apps.facebook.com/causes/82228?m=1cfd5236): Thanks, Frew Tibebu Okm West High School Key Club members (http://media.causes.com/771926?m=1cfd5236&s=email) Why this photo matters to the…Read More

"Top Recruiters"

Dear members of the Ethiopia Reads cause, Please join some of our top recruiters for our cause by inviting people in your sphere of influence to join the cause-Ethiopia Reads on facebook. Our short term goal for this year is to get our membership size to…Read More
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