Support the IHRG every time you search the internet!

Help effortlessly support the IHRG! With our new toolbar, every time you shop at one of more than 1,300 participating stores, a percentage of your purchase will automatically go to our cause (at no extra cost to you)! The toolbar also has a search box and…Read More

A new and creative way to support us!

There are many ways to support the IHRG. One way is making purchases through our new store! We offer books, accessories, and men and womens apparel. If you need a new jacket or bag, why not support and spread the word about the IHRG at the same time?! Check…Read More

New website & radio program?

Take a look at our new and improved website and listen to our new radio program THIS Saturday! - IHRG

10 to help the helpless

Dear Cause Member, I am committed to the IHRG. I am pledging an additional 10 a month through this site to help the helpless find justice. If only half of us would make the same commitment the IHRG could double its efforts around the world. Join me with…Read More

Pray for the missinoaries heading to the World Cup

We are two weeks from the start of the most watched sporting event in the world. In addition to being the most watched sporting event there is a huge mission movement that shows up at these major sporting events to share the Gospel on the streets. The…Read More


Hello All, IHRG is on! We are tweeting travel info, case info, and news on matters that concern our work and interests around the world. Join us @findingjustice! We look forward to seeing you on For His Kingdom, Joel

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