Santito was found with his back legs all but destroyed. He was so covered in dirt, blood and fleas that his rescuers thought he was a black kitten. It was only after three baths that it became clear this was a white and gray kitten. He was suffering severe dehydration, malnutrition, and worst of all, nerve damage and paralysis of his hind area. Nevertheless, he was purring and playful and literally the sweetest little thing we ever met. Right from the start, he wanted to kiss our noses - he seemed to know how lucky he was and to be instantly grateful. At first, things were touch and go with Santito - he couldn't move his back legs at all and just dragged them behind him (something which had caused even more problems for his already damaged legs), was completely incontinent, and bounced between severe diarrhea severe constipation. Three different vets told us to "just euthanize him" within the first week of his rescue. But this little guy was so full of life - wide-eyed, playful, cuddly, loving, and we couldn't imagine ending his life when he had fought so hard already to keep it.

We took him to a specialist who tested him and discovered that, although he had nerve damage, he still had deep sensory perception and mobility, and could potentially recover - at least partially if not totally. So Kitten Rescue decided to give this little guy a fighting chance. We started him in therapy at California Animal Rehabilitation and began various experiments with vitamins, food combinations, medications, etc., to normalize his system and give him the nutrition he had been lacking. 

We are happy to say that Santito now has the mobility of his back legs - though he walks funny, the fact is he can walk - with all four legs :)...and climb, and pummel, and run, and...well, he can't QUITE jump...yet :). He is still incontinent (he wears little kitty diapers :), but he gains a little more control every day and no longer has any problems with diarrhea or constipation. 

Santito is continuing his therapy at California Animal Rehabilitation, and depending on his progress, he may need an MRI. He also receives a urinalysis every week, due to his tendency to urinary tract infections, and he receives vitamin B shots every other day as well as a maintenance dose of Lactulose to keep him "regular" :). His medical care and therapy are expensive, but he is really really worth it - as you can see on his Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/SantitoTheKitten/

Santito is proof that a good heart and a determined soul can survive pretty much anything!