Back to Enforce immediately the rights of returning Lebanese whose properties occupied by relatives.

Deception to manipulate laws, time and increase gain unfair advantage.

Difficulties in dealing with such Expat (immigrant, student مغترب او مهاجر )situation stem from locals insistence upon deceiving the law to maintain a perceived winning edge. The devious methods used by the local circles of the clans of the Southern suburbs of Beirut mirrors the local politics. They apply similar tactics to what they learn from the media wars of the warring factions with the same cunning techniques to insure their survival and prolong their grab hold over resources. Much like acting out the role of a movie character they imitate their imagined Godfather actions, to maintain the psychopathic possessiveness they scheme aimed at gaining control over the rest. They Justify and rationalize their criminal acts with good intentions and mask it with bigger struggles of importance in popular thought in their immediate environment, taking off that mask and wearing completely a different one when they are faced with some one of a different culture. The culture with abscent government enforcement becomes like requesting a (خلو) or worse..extending suffering in order to get better settelment terms(without interference of procrastinating law)....or simply get the affected individual or family to leave...and never look back.(they wish).
لقد آن الاوان لكي ينزل هؤلاء من السماء قليلا ليروا أن على الارض الملايين من الذين لا يمكن كسر ارادتهم، ولا استتباعهم، ولا استعبادهم، ولا منع الحرية عنهم بسهولة.

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