WTFيحاصروننا ويتدخلون في امورالقضاء لمنع الحق وكأننا في مضايا لبنانية

In Lebanese Military Court a civilian who was a victim of crime by a military soldier member cannot have justice and is equated with the criminal

No right to self defense...If civilian is attacked by a soldier of the Lebanese army and defended one self even though 100% in the right the civilian is fined no matter what the case facts are. The civilian is thus prevented from going against the soldier who…Read More

Resistance to getting one own properties and inheritance is momentous in Lebanon Judges should know what an individual is facing against a tribe, a local community and beneficieries of all kinds standing on opposite side of the Law

In my Four years pursuing my properties and inheritance , I meet hundreds Godless hypocrites who are more attached to their tribes, familial connections, neighborhoods friends who turn to bullies for the sake of their friends all against justice and they…Read More

لن نبقى على صمتنا ان الاوان للعمل

الوطن يبنى بسواعدنا، وهو يقابلنا بعطائه بقدر ما نستثمر فيه جهودنا. وأولى الجهود، ولعل أهمها يتمثل بالعمل على تجاوز الصنميات المعرفية لدينا، وخصوصاً لدى العارفين ومنتجي المعرفة. ذلك أن هذه الصنميات بالذات تق...ع خلف إنسداد الأفق السياسي والاجتماعي الذي تشهده…Read More

Family military wings use their official interplay capacity to prevent justice and prolong theivery

It is interesting, where do we go from here? it family civilans (clan members hiding behind political parties) who are planning ****** members of military doing protection and excution or is it family members using military (as a shield to their wrong…Read More

Its not easy!!!

ما أصعبَ أن يكون لك وطن يسكُنك وصعبٌ عليك أن تسكن فيه وطنٌ تنتمي اليه في البعد وفي القرب تبقى كغريب وطنُ عائلاته شردت ... وزعت على كل المطارات وطن يتغنى بجماله الشعراء وأنت كأنك في العراء ...................... سيليا حماده (بعض أبيات من قصيدتي "الوطن…Read More

Deception to manipulate laws, time and increase gain unfair advantage.

Difficulties in dealing with such Expat (immigrant, student مغترب او مهاجر )situation stem from locals insistence upon deceiving the law to maintain a perceived winning edge. The devious methods used by the local circles of the clans of the Southern suburbs…Read More
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