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Express Solidarity with the Minority of Bangladesh
We, the people of Bangladesh want urgent attention from Obama
administration and request them to express solidarity with the Hindu
minority to stop recent ethnic cleansing. Since 1947 to until now Hindus
are targets on unwonted violence. Within 10 years, the number of Hindu
minority has declined by 9, 00,000 in Bangladesh (Bangladesh Statistics
Bureau, 2012). Jamaat-Shibir fanatics wrecked havoc on the Hindu
community across the country creating a sense of helplessness as many
Hindu people are brutally killed through cutting the veins and wrists.
To date more than 50 temples were burnt and around 1500 Hindu families
have been victimized by the brutal acts of Jamaat-Shibir following the
tribunal of war criminal Delawar Hossain Sayedee in 1971.

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