I recently found this picture on an animal care page. There is no information where this pic came from or where are these people located. But this sure looks like they are skinning this helpless living thing for fun or sports. This picture may still be circulating around the internet and may contain some useful information. I request HSI, PETA, WSPA to do everything they can to find these men and open a trial against them for animal cruelty. These guys shouldn't be walking around liberally after this horrifying murder. They should get the punishment they deserve. I ask people to join this cause to get justice for this poor cat who is no more in this world, because some heartless people skinned her alive for fun. This breaks my heart. Everyday, we all get to see or hear some new torture technique being practiced on these animals. Imagine what pain they have to go through while being tortured. For instance, in this picture, this cat's nose is bleeding and you can see it in her eyes that she is screaming for help, not understanding what pleasure those people would get by skinning her. Join my cause to get this animal justice and save other animals from facing the same fate.