Since Nigeria took IMF loan and came under the burden of repayment via Structural Adjustment Programmes, many industries, companies and other support infrastructures were sold to private owners who dislodged many of the workers in such establishments. These establishments, previously owned by governments and the civil services, were the main employers in the country as at the time they were sold.  Today, hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of Nigerian Universities  graduates are unemployed. The enabling environment which could have brought in good investments in the nation has been eroded by bombings and kidnappings. Nigeria has enough resource to cater for our helpless university graduates. Now, a bill was placed before the national assembly urging the government to introduce unemployment benefit for our young graduates. The Bill has been thrown out of the Assembly out of sheer ignorance of the major benefit to growth and national stability such a help to our youth will bring. 

Please join me and others to persuade the government to help our Youth. Thank you