Stop the Squirrel Kills!  Lately, we've seen the proliferation of killing contests, with squirrels being the victims.  In New York, and in Pennsylvania, and possibly several other states, townspeople are murdering these bushy-tailed critters as fundraisers.  

$10 to $20 buys you the opportunity to kill the squirrels of your choice, with prizes being given out to the person who can shoot the heaviest member of the species.  Of course, the ones that weigh the most are pregnant mothers, and their babies will die a slow death.  

The end result is that these contests decimate the population of the squirrel species.  Above all, they are inhumane, as squirrels are sentient creatures; they feel pain, just as we do.  Take action and tell the perpetrators that killing squirrels en masse is not a sport and is morally wrong.