Fight the fight good people.. This Bedroom Tax has got to be unlawful and against Human Rights and Tenancy Law too.  BUT Please Lets also not forget about EVERY person under 25 will no longer get any help towards paying their rent.  It will therefore be only a matter of weeks before they will be sufficantly behind with their rent to be evicted.  WHERE WILL THEY GO?  They will not be able to rent any other place as they have no means of paying for it.  They wiill be ON THE STREETS.  The Government says Lt them go home..?  Do all of these young people have this option?  How many realistically have this option? Some have been in care. Some have been living alone for up to 7 years. Some have left abusive parents in the first place, some will have parents how have moved into smaller homes, some parents are divorced and maybe in new relationships and the new step parent doesn;t want a twenty something year old moving in. Which can equally apply to the birth parent. Is it fair that parent should be forced to face the option of having their child of such an age, who is used to living independently coming back home? even if they do have the space and the income to look after them now. What will it do to the youth to be told they must force themselves onto parents/friends other family. They will not be able to contribute to the cost of keeping them etc.
Let me give you an example.  21 Year old Schizophrenic child living in a One bedroom Local Authority property. Rent of approx £80 per week and Council Tax of around £1000 per year.  Weekly unemployment benefits to cover bills, food etc. for this age group is £56.25 per week!  What Options are these adult youths have? In this example the youth would be enetitled to some form of disability benefits, which might mean that they can subserdise their rent a little longer than the average person of their age, This is assuming that they have had the advice and support to apply for (and possibly appeal as seems to be necessary in many cases) to get these extra benefits.  Many people with Mental Health issues or Learning Disabilities will not even have the capacity to understand what is going to happen to them soon.  Im sure many will wonder what they have done to deserve it!   Soon they will be living in a cardboard box on the streets. OMG!!  How can this be happening. With social housing Being ill/disabled in some way, may very well have been the reason they were allocated their accommodation in th first place. On the grounds of their Vulnerability.  But now this all seems irrelevant.  They need support and as a minimum a roof over their heads. Many Disabled people can not work. Even if they were able to do some form of work, what chance do they have in finding work when competing with so many other people who do not have their disability?  The worst hit of all by the lack of jobs is widely reported to be the under 25s, with 2 in 5 of those unemployed being within this age group. (http://www.poverty.org.uk/35/index.shtml) Do the Government think that by telling these young people, they are going to be made homeless Or that if they do loss their current homes they will recive No HELP, is going to suddenly mean that these statistics will change and they will all rush out and find jobs?? If/when they are unable to find work and are made homeless what chance do they then have of finding work? Will they even have an address to put on job applications? Anywhere to wash their clothes or themselves? Can you picture the job interview.  What Planet are you from.  All you are going to cause is Misery and suffering. STOP IT NOW Before it is too late.  All I can forsee is total hopelessness being caused, with some likely to turn to crime, prostitution, drug dealing or other unhelpful means to get by. I picture Drug addiction and suicide rates massively increasing in this age group.  COME ON   WAKE UP you overpaid Pompous Over-Privileged Politicians and take a look at the REAL WORLD.  Please Help fight against this ATTACK on the future generation and save them and their families from so much heart ache and pain.