please stand united with us in educating the public, responding to media misinformation, not allowing the breed to be slandered, perpetuating of this breed’s negative image, etc. Let's build a cohesive unit representing all interested parties and FB groups that can address the issues facing pitties so that we rescue and rehome more dogs, become high profile & issue press releases, call radio and TV stations and address the issues facing the abuse when someone in media maligns this breed perpetuating misinformation that causes suffering, torture and death of pit bulls. We will do it in a professional, united way, demonstrating good will, strength in numbers and educating the public rather than perpetuating the negative image that causes too many horror stories. Have you seen enough? WE HAVE! Please LIKE the following Facebook page "100,000 standing 4 pitbulls"  and lets stand united. Please spread the word-TY