Merry christmas

And a happy new year!!!


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Lottery, unfortunately only for dutch members.....

Lieve mensen, Stichting animal care samos heeft een loterij georganiseerd met lootjes van 2 euro het stuk. de gehele opbrengst gaat naar het asiel dus schroom niet om meerdere loten te kopen en zo de win kans te vergroten, en deze loterij tot een succes te…Read More

big donation from Ijsvogelgroep b.v. (Holland)

When Iris Korfer was on holliday on Samos she found a tiny kitten which was sick, she didn't know what to do, untill she found out about animal care samos. She brought the kitten to joeri and hoped that he could help this sweet little creature. Because of…Read More

news and happy endings on the website

There are some new articles on the website available in dutch and english (german version coming soon.) so check it out on enjoy!

trainingtrip by worldwide veterinary service!

In july there was yet another trainingtrip under the guidance of ruth and math, 2 experienced vets from the UK who helped at our shelter before. They were assisted by 2 nurses and 4 just graduated vets. For the last four it was an unique way to master their…Read More
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