Light Up The Night With Candlelight A CFS YOU ARE FIRED Monday, July 29th, at 9 PM at your Manitoba Legislature or nearest Child and Family Services Office.

Monday, July 29th, at 9 PM we ask you to go to your Legislature or nearest CFS CAS Office and at 9 PM light a candle in memory of all of the children who have died in CFS custody and for all of the children who are still in Child and Family Services Custody.…Read More


June 1st, Saturday at NOON at The Manitoba Legislature we will hold our second rally for CFS YOU ARE FIRED. Everyone is welcome to attend.

Please NOTE The date and the time has changed.

CFS YOU ARE FIRED SECOND RALLY Saturday, June 1st  at NOON. Please pass on the new date and please show up at your Provincial Legislature or if you do not have one please show up at a Child and Family Services office and DEMAND your children back.  We need…Read More


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