I am  a mother who lost a 17 year old son. His name was Taylor Gazaway and he had graduated from High School 3 days prior to his death. He was an excellent driver, and I thought he had prepared sufficiently. So school was out and he and his friends were preparing for an awesome summer prior to starting college. His dream and passion was to be an Oral Surgeon. His mind was made up. He was on the yearbook staff and he adored photography. It was midday on May 26th, 2011, and he asked if he could go to the movies to see Hangover 2. So he drove away for the last time. One of the kids couldn't get in the movies, so they decided to go to Cheddars, then go swimming at a friend's house. He didn't drive but left his car at the friend's house who had the pool, and she also drove, On their way home, she was speeding, and driving with 5 kids in the car-he was in the back behind the passenger. She was 16 and had restrictions- only 1 kid who was non-family. She had just gotten her license back for probation for the same offense. She was speeding on  her road on the way home, lost control, and spun around, hitting a tree. My son's head made direct contact with the tree, as well as the rest of his body. They had to cut him out-he had multiple head fractures, and his right arm was practically severed. The driver was charged with veh2 homicide.I won't go into the minority of her punishment, as that changes nothing now. I told his story to hopefully get the attention of teens and parents,as well as lawmakers. Kids need to be better prepared before being the keys to a machine that killsso many everyday. If you want statistics, go to SAVE11. I really hope someone read this and it sunk in. I will never get to hug him, or hear him laugh, or watch him grow and fulfill all his dreams.