To: Adult Swim and Youtube:

(But mostly to the creator of this petition)

Joking about a historical and religious figure's torture and murder is definitely fair game in the creation of a comedic piece of material.  But why stop there? The story of Jesus, and the religion of Christianity is so full of comedic opportunities, it seems a crime against comedy to only devote a single sketch on Adult Swim to making fun of Jesus and his followers.  The (highly likely allegorical and in no way historical) "death" of "the lord" is merely one hilarious aspect to the whole silly story that is ripe for satirical skewering on a regular basis.  Please sign this petition, so that we can forward it to the people at Adult Swim and Youtube to let them know that we no longer tolerate short web clips as a viable method to satirize and ridicule the story of Jesus Christ and the millions of people who feel that this story has any relevance in the modern world aside from a cute little story, with a mediocre plot and predictable ending (that totally doesn't make sense btw). 

This web series, for example, currently featured on a premium youtube channel, makes the whole story of Jesus and his "return" look like a joke.  It is full of the insulting lack of decency viewers of Adult Swim have grown accustomed to and wish to see more of in their regular viewing.  The media has far too long coddled these whiny, religious minorities at the expense of too many jokes and too many laughs.  This type of stuff has been kept off of pubic TV for too long, and needs to be far more prominently viewed on international, censorship free forums, such as YouTube.  Human civilization has far advanced past the point where we need adult babies running around deciding what is 'appropriate' viewing for human beings perfectly capable of deciding for themselves what they want to watch and if it is enjoyable or funny.  The right to be offended, is not a right, nor is the right to impose your own lack of humor or strict moral guidelines upon other freethinking individuals whom you have zero control over, or right to dictate their viewing habits.

As such, I hope the good people at Adult Swim, will recognize the potential for hours of delightful satire available with a program such as JFC, that with proper financing could blossom from a small web series to a truly ground breaking animated series in the footsteps of South Park, Family Guy or Robot Chicken.

Satire has been an important and vital tool in the evolution of society for as long as there has been entertainment. Childish, self-absorbed censorship has never proven to be achieve positive results, while  common sense and freedom have a long and glorious track record of doing wonderful things for the progress of the species. 

The choice is pretty clear to me.  I propose you ignore that other petition, and listen to this one instead.