Satan does so much for us, he gives us laughs, lets us party and doesn't worry about rules, anarchy is nice in its way. But for being such a friendly guy, he is held as a symbol of hatred by many, people who don't know him like I do. He is not a a ruler of hell or a punishment of the damned to me, to me he is a friend. What about you?

Satan and I have a bit of history, we met late after hours at a soup kitchen I worked at, me being agnostic I didn't beleive much of what he said, but then he showed me. Hell is not a fiery emberscape, it's a large party world, with disco floors and all. After a few drinks me and him became great friends, we boogied in the moonlight, went go-carting and flew kites at Olympus park; he's the nicest guy I know; and I think such an inspiring guy who gets mostly nothing but hatred; deserves a day on the 6th of June to celebrate him as a compassionate fellow and savior of fun and free will.

Whose with me? Lets give Satan a birthday he deserves, this by no means has to impact your daily life, if you don't want to, you don't have to come; Satan is about freedom of decision so if this in anyway would cause you trouble in your schedule, don't worry, we all have our days!