That's Sargam(name might've been changed), Uttar Pradesh based singer and cultural performer, social activist, and human rights writer, today Sargam is called "it", her real identity is not published, inorder to save the poor soul from public torture; tales of her affair with a Bantwal(Karnataka) based Insurance Agent, Abhijith Shenoy, have come into limelight, how and what Abhijith has been doing to this poor human being, can not be anticipated, the mental torture and depression, along with everyday life's torture, has made Sargam physically and mentally prone to breakdowns, at this young age of 21, "hands tremble, tears never stop, head bursts out of strain, vomitting , coughing,eyes gone deep inside, fainting and so many problems coming to trouble the very existence, " the poor soul has left all hope and eats once a day to walk throughout the entire day, how nights go, waking up, walking in the roads or at terrace, absent mindely, is unknown, through mobile sms and social networking, it has come to be known that Sargam has no intent to live , the people and mainly her criminal "Abhijith Shenoy", have turned a blind eye to all this,,abusing Sargam sexually in its stead, and never stops threatening that miserable person whenever she tries to  ask for mercy in public, forcing to keep quiet; how long shall it go? are the people planning to ignore it ? how humane are you? to watch someone dying ,yet ignore it altogether?