Do you find something wrong with this?

Do you find something wrong with this? Chris Christie own BridgeGate investigation of himself has cleared him of all charges. This is how New Jersey does most of their political corruption cases... They investigate themselves and then clear themselves of…Read More

ready to take back control

Average citizens are ready to take back control to We the People Yesterday, we reached 25,000 signers for this Cause STOP GOVERNMENT SPYING AGAINST AVERAGE CITIZENS…Read More

Your Taxes Are Paying These Teachers Salaries: Which Story Makes YOU More Upset

Students Told to Call 9-11 Hijackers “Freedom Fighters” (50% people answered this) American Student Punished for Refusing to Recite Mexican Pledge (25% people answered this) Student told remove a U.S. Marines T-shirt or be suspended (24% people answered…Read More


YES, WE CAN!! In our first day, over 600 joined our pledge. Vote the Democrats out of Congress in 2014. Impeach Obama in 2015.

Another 'New' Obama Scandal Coming

Another 'New' Obama Scandal Coming Michelle Obama's Princeton classmate's company built ObamaCare NO-BID $678 million website

Vandals topple Ten Commandments statue in DC

Vandals topple Ten Commandments statue in DC Vandals torch statue of Ronald Reagan "Americans Working Together"…Read More

I (We) Support and Will Defend Our American Constitution

NRA T-Shirt Wearing Student Reportedly Suspended And Arrested An eighth-grade student in West Virginia was reportedly arrested and suspended last week after getting into an argument with his teacher about a National Rifle Association T-shirt he wore to…Read More
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