One of the most pressing issues in the Philippines is the correlation between poverty and the increasing educational dropout rate. Statistics from the Department of Education (DepEd) show that the number of students aged 6-15 who have dropped out or never attended school stands at 5.6 million – twice the number of residents (2.68 million) living in Quezon City, the largest political unit in Manila. Of those attending school, 40% between the ages of 12 and 15 failed to enroll in secondary school. Within the next decade these millions of uneducated individuals will be joining the workforce unable to read, write or maintain suitable employment.

Project Philippines ‘13 (PP13) will address the education gap by building relationships among people from different parts of Cebu’s community. People do not want to remain in poverty, which is often connected to a lack of education. We would like to create a program that provides the community with the realization that there are people who want to help them better their lives. In working with local high school students and a non-profit organization that builds communities for displaced families, we will:  

  • Foster connections between people from different parts of the community. 
  • Create a network of support for those living in poverty. 
  • Strengthen the youth’s confidence in the power of an education.