I've been working with molosser & bully breeds a like for many years now, as well as owning my own Perra De Presa Canario (Presa or just Presa Canario to most ppl) as shown with me in this photo..I've also rescued Pit Bulls, American Bulldogs, Cane Corsos and several other Pit Mixes from death row over the yrs. and have found them forever, loving homes. Now, from my own personal experience.. there is no better dog(s). I rescued my Presa from being put to sleep in Broklyn, NY. in an over-crowded shelter where she was in a crate she culd barely stand up in. I barely had to work with her for a week and she became my shadow. These dogs may be intimidating, yes.. protective, but NOT aggressive! but far more importantly! They are loyal to a fault, loving, silly, friendly, big pillows who want nothing more then to please thier owners and be right by thier side. They truely are the best friend anyone could have! Please sign my cause if you agree! If you don't, then I'm sure you've never had the pleasure of meeting one!