The Death of Wantagh Park

It's gone. Here's proof-!/photo.php?pid=782675&id=1638262343 Please Nassau County Parks, come thorugh with something legitimate and reasonable. I've heard the worst and may be expecting so. Play your part- go…Read More

A Snowy End

Thanks to the foot of snow we got and the holidays coming up, we're all indefinitely stuck inside for a while and all for the better...... The unofficial plan for the Pirate Ship Playground (no publicly viewable blueprint, thanks) is that just about…Read More

New playground equipment appearing at the old pirate ship

So a nice day of riding was immediately soured by the sight of monstrous blue plastic playground equipment and jackhammered concrete sitting/installed/partially assembled at the pirate ship and in the sand.....WTF?! As of right now, there seems to be new…Read More

Autumn Leaves & Winter Winds

So there goes another summer......WTF? Fall is in full swing (baseball pun intended) and the park is full of dead leaves to sweep and live fish to catch. Good luck to everyone surfcasting off the shore at the southern beach in the park, season's wrapping up…Read More

Summer ?

Hope everyone found their niche in the indoor society while June got rained out! Seeing as how the glass is half full in Wantagh, all the trees and plants around are as big and beautiful as ever and our park is thriving with both environmental and…Read More

Spring has Sprung and is almost gone (?)

Spring has certainly done it's thing as far as the dominant rains among the sunshine and our park is looking great. Most of the work to replace a lot of the dockwork has been wrapping up and the pool is getting prepped for all of Nassau's children to urinate…Read More


Damn it's cold! But on our few breaks from Mother Nature's PMS aka winter, some sunny days have brought me down to ye olde parke (?) for some sessions and sightings. For one thing, the goose shit concentration is hilarious considering they're supposed to fly…Read More
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