Louise Beck Properties, Inc. led by manager Adam Brown, is trying to evict B. Ledford, a Native American Korean War Veteran who turns 82 in June 2013.  

The appeal for such an eviction is Friday, February 15, 2013.

Adam Brown and Louise Beck Properties are on notice that Mr. Ledford has a serious health condition and that a move right now would be detrimental to his health (according to Mr. Ledford's doctor). 

Adam Brown and Louise Beck Properties are also on notice that Mr. Ledford and his wife only need to  stay in their home until July 2013. 

Mr. Brown brought an action against the Ledfords for not paying rent, but this claim was dismissed by the magistrate in November 2012 because it was clear that all rent was paid in a timely manner.  Now Mr. Brown claims Mr. Ledford is a holdover tenant, although an offer to renew the lease was accepted.  Attempts on our part to reach a solution were rejected.

Please help us send a message to Adam Brown and Louise Beck Properties that B. Ledford, like all elders, deserves to be treated with respect and dignity.  He just wants to live in peace and only needs to remain in the apartment until July, but Adam Brown and Louise Beck Properties are unrelenting in their quest in disturbing his ability to enjoy life.  Instead, they are causing Mr. Ledford to feel a great deal of stress, and this only prevents him from gaining the strength he needs to overcome his serious illness.

Help us send a message to powerful landlords like Adam Brown and Louise Beck Properties that tenants deserve rights to a peaceful existence.