A Tough Year for Parents

Hand in Hand is preparing to kick-off our annual fundraising campaign and, this year especially, parents need our support. It's our goal to reach 500 supporters through this campaign and to let them know what a huge difference a donation as small as $20 will…Read More

Raising Boys Who Can Be Gentle - Free Teleseminar

Have you wondered how to help your child navigate the stereotypical roles that still shape the experience of boys and girls? Hand in Hand director Patty Wipfler will talk with parents about some proven strategies for helping boys grow up…Read More

Supporting Parents and Children in China's Earthquake Disaster

Volunteers in China who understand the Parenting by Connection approach are reaching out right now to the thousands of families affected by this disaster. The healing will take a long time for those traumatized by this dramatic and unpredictable event. But we…Read More

Our First Two Booklet Sets Are In Parent's Hands!

The Parents Deserve Support cause is officially changing lives. This week the first two booklet sets donated went to a large Pediatric practice in Los Altos, CA and a Dr. of Chinese medicine in San Mateo, CA. If you would like your donation to place a…Read More

Making Listening to Children booklets available in Pediatric Centers everywhere

Caring connection with adults is essential in raising capable, compassionate children. The Listening to Children booklets explain simple tools parents can use to help their children feel their love and care and grow into the wonderful adults they have the…Read More
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