Well, pretty soon I'll be donating my kidney to my sister who is on dialysis. She's been dealing with kidney problems for years and finally her doc gave her 1 year to live some months ago. I was told that my sister had a 5% chance to receive a kidney from the donor list, but after doing lots of testing, the kidney transplant center called and told me that with the help of modern medicine I was a match!  When I called to tell her the good news, she cried and so did I.  It was such an incredible feeling.  She gets to live life the way she's supposed to again- not hooking herself up to a machine for 9 hours a day- and I get to give her that chance.  I feel like a super hero!

After the initial happy feelings wore off, though, I had to sit and think about how I was going to get by for the 6 weeks of recovery from surgery.  I'm possibly a month or so away from donating my kidney, and PANIC MODE is setting in.  I've only been at my job since August of last year and I haven't accumulated enough sick or vacation time to cover a full 6 weeks, plus I have $0 in savings, but pushing the surgery back until it's convenient for me is not even an option.  Her health and quality of life shouldn't have to wait, and I'd live in a shoebox if it meant she could live a better life.

In order for me to make it 6 weeks, I'll be using every lick of my vacation and sick time I have; then I can only hope that my colleagues who don't really know me will donate some of their sick time to me as well.  I pretty much just need to raise enough to make sure I can make rent and car note, which is roughly $1000.  Everything else can wait until I get back to work.  I hate to ask for anything, especially money.  BUT I gotta suck it up and swallow my pride.  I'm doing this for my sister's life and I'm literally going to be living off the generosity of others while I make it through.

To donate click here  http://chickamungus.tumblr.com/post/43262938012/tuneshas-donating-her-kidney-to-her-sister-and-needs