In the 1940's the use of fluoride in the water systems became popular due to the belief that oral consumption of the "nutrient" was essential to maintaining oral health in the public. Recent studies have proven that it is in fact not a nutrient and that it has no effect on tooth decay. So why is it still in our water?

Moose Jaw was one of the first cities to add fluoride to it’s water. Curiously, Regina and Moose Jaw both get their water from the same source- the Buffalo Pound Water Treatment Plant- but only Moose Jaw has the chemical fluoride added to it’s water. Why? Our city says it is because studies comparing the levels of tooth decay between the cities proves that it reduces instances of it, because Moose Jaw reports lower rates of tooth decay in children. There are many reasons for this, many demographic- but we won’t get into that.

Sadly, studies proving the negative effects of consumption of fluoride through drinking water have been largely ignored by the dental field, thus being blocked from the public. Knowing the dangers, we should have a choice whether or not we consume this toxin- but this is a choice many of us do not have. Fluoride contaminated water comes from every tap in the house, and many people are not fortunate enough to be able to afford alternative drinking water.

How do we assert our right to the choice of having a toxin added to our water? We just need to come together and support each other, creating a renewed movement towards the termination of the use of fluoride in our water. We can get fluoride removed from the water, Moose Jaw! It is possible!

Lets get some names and show that we want change.