National statistics report that one out of every four girls and one out of every six boys will be sexually abused by the age of 18. Children with disabilities are far more likely to be abused than the average child.People who sexually abuse children are likely to be people we know, and could even be people we care about. A common misconception is that strangers present the greatest risk; however in 85% of reports, child sexual abuse is committed by relatives, close family friends or an adult that the child knows and trusts. Child sexual abuse happens every day across the country, with little regard for social classes, racial or ethnic groups, religious affiliations, or sexual orientation.

Hands Off Our Children’s main mission is to raise awareness, implement tougher punishments on convicted pedophiles, change and create new legislation to protect the safety of our children and provide resources to victims of sexual child abuse.  Our vision is to see a community where children are regarded as first class citizens where they share equal, respectful rights and can feel safe, not sometimes, but all of the time. 

This group is geared towards raising awareness in the matter and to make an effort to help stop sexual child abuse. If you join, we ask that you PLEASE invite ANYONE you know. 

Link up with us in this fight for the safety and the well-being of our children.  

No matter the amount, your donation helps us with our mission to bring safety to our children. We appreciate your support. For information about tax-deductibility while we are in the process of obtaining tax exemption, please visit this link: www.irs.gov and type in the search “Contributions To Organization With IRS Application Pending”.

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