Since February 5, 2013, the people in Bangladesh are demanding justice for the war criminals at Shahbag, Dhaka. Justice for the war criminals who are getting away with the heinous genocide they committed in 1971, justice for all the Biranganas and Martyrs, justice for the past, present and future generation of Bangladeshis, the real Bangladesh.

Bangladeshi people from all walks of life, from all the four corners of the globe are joining in Shahbag Movement- on the ground, and also through social platforms. We, the people, are now collectively calling for an end of a 42 year old culture of injustice in Bangladesh since 1971, the War of Independence. We want justice for war criminals, and justice for all.

On the other hand, with the aid of few leading organizations, and interest groups  at home and abroad, the extremists are running a far stronger campaign to dub the movement as anti-Islamic, and also to dismiss this demand on the whole. For us, though, the movement has always been, and would remain, an uprising against the systemic loopholes in our legal system, and the political structure in a broader sense, among other sociopolitical issues.

Therefore, we, the pro-movement , new age freedom fighters, now turn to you, the global audience, with the appeal to listen to our story as well as to take the pledge, and extend your support . We make this appeal because this is about taking a stand against socioeconomic/political injustice everywhere. This movement is about justice, period, and we are here to keep the discussions and dialogues going in order to raise awareness at local, national, and international levels.

Join in, to sign the petition (s), and to keep up with the latest so that, together, we make sure that the revolution is alive and kicking.

Join in, to spread the word about our struggle to strengthen the movement, and in turn, push forward what is now a global cause. 

Joy Bangla- Long Live The Revolution.