This picture is printed on the front of a Ringspun sweatshirt and was sold by Chevron Clothing in Shrewsbury, Shropshire to a 13 year old boy. When challenged about whether this was appropriate merchandise to sell to an underage child, the manager of the store said he felt it was child's choice as to what he bought, but agreed that he wouldn't want this image seen by small children. However, he felt he needed to sell and stock this and similar merchandise as other high street stores sold them and he couldn't afford to lose the sales. Currently he is not breaking the law, and within his rights to sell this merchandise to children of any age.

Such images glamorise and normalise sexual violence. We want to stop sexually violent images being shown on any merchandise, as once in the public domain, they can be seen by anyone including children.

Please support this cause to strengthen legislation to protect children from viewing images that portray and imply sexual violence