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Help Disaster Accountability take center-stage for 1st Haiti quake anniversary

In the last month, our "We donated to Haiti relief and we're angry"petition was featured in the Huffington Post and Chronicle of Philanthropy and our efforts were mentioned on Al Jazeera English and USA Today. Our accountability message is resonating.

January will mark the one-year anniversary of the Haiti earthquake. Help make sure accountability takes center-stage. Please help us turn up the volume.

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The media will descend on Haiti to report on the status of relief and recovery after one year. As you might expect, major relief organizations will be releasing their own reports that detail successes and impact. Over the last year, we have become the leading voice for accountability and transparency in the Haiti relief efforts. We can balance the reporting on the ground.

Will you help us get to Haiti for the one-year anniversary by making a tax-deductible donation today?

Donate now:

In Haiti, the Disaster Accountability Project will release a new report on the accountability and transparency of aid groups. We will use this opportunity to encourage groups to be more transparent and accountable in their activities, and do more with the money donated and sitting in the bank.

As a small start-up nonprofit, this trip to Haiti constitutes a significant part of our travel budget. We've already done so much on so little. Can we count on you to help us make this trip and report a success?

Please make a tax-deductible donation now.

Thank you,
Ben Smilowitz
Executive Director
Disaster Accountability Project

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