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Would you consider making a tax-deductible donation today if I could convince you that we would leverage your donation to help millions after a disaster?

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I started the Disaster Accountability Project three years ago to seek justice for the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. As the only organization dedicated to full-time oversight of disaster relief, we have directly helped:

• Millions of disabled Americans that now have a senior-level advocate and a new Office of Disability Integration at FEMA.
• Residents of parishes across Southern Louisiana that now have improved and more accessible emergency plans.
• Texas survivors of Hurricane Ike, in the immediate aftermath of the storm, as a result of calls to our toll-free hotline.

Since the Haiti earthquake, we have engaged over 250 volunteers to improve the effectiveness of the billions donated. Our July 2010 report on transparency of aid/relief groups landed stories in the New York Times, USA Today, and an in-studio interview on Al Jazeera English.

DAP is now at the forefront of an international conversation about accountability in the Haiti relief efforts. An effective and transparent response can make the difference between life and death and prevent suffering for millions. Our message is resonating.

You can help us provide more oversight and prevent people from "falling through the cracks" after disasters. Your cash donation now is critical as we take our work to the next level.

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Ben Smilowitz

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