Tell Pope Francis NO MORE recycling Pedophile Priests

Give $35 to stop rape and receive an exclusive gift.

Please help support our Redefine Rape Action Fund so we can continue our work to eliminate statutes of limitations on child sexual abuse. Thank you.

Stopping abuse starts with taking the pledge "Abuse Stops With Me"

NJ ACTION ALERT | Make one call to your New Jersey State Senator

NJ Action Alert!  A new bill eliminating statutes of limitations on child sex abuse will be inroduced tomorrow, Monday May 13, in New Jersey. Please Contact your NJ Senators and ask them to support SB 2281 with amendments. Click here to find your New…Read More

Give New Jersey victims back their rights and #stopabuse

Almost a quarter of children ( are sexually abused before they are 18 years old. For many of them this is a life sentence, their future is predictable.  They are more than likely to fail at…Read More


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