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Give New Jersey victims back their rights and #stopabuse


Almost a quarter of children (
are sexually abused before they are 18 years old. For many of them
this is a life sentence, their future is predictable.  They are more
than likely to fail at school, more than likely to end up with a drug or
alcohol problem, and more than likely to suffer from medical and psychological problems (

Abuse costs US taxpayers $500 billion a year, a number that conceals untold human suffering, and yet current laws ( in New Jersey protect pedophiles and put our children at risk.

check out the details on our cause, we hope you'll join and work with
us to eliminate statutes of limitations on child sexual abuse because here in New Jersey we believe in
justice for all, especially the innocent child victims of crime.

Please help us grow this cause, especially in New Jersey, and support abuse victims, because it's never too late for justice!

join our cause click the green button, and please ask your family and
friends to do the same. Help us make New Jersey safer now!


Andrew (mailto:[email protected]) & Kenny (mailto:[email protected])

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