My friend Sam is currently being held in Battle Creek Mi on a failure to report charge.  He was expected to report across state when he doesn't even drive.  He is a caregiver to his legal girlfriend but cultural wife Jamie Berry-Phanthourath.  She is permantly disabled. She and their 3 children ARE U.S. citizens.  She is also pregnant with their 4th child.  His family are also U.S. citizens.  Sam came to this country legally as a refugee when he was a child and is currently 40 years old.  He has no memory of Laos.  He is now facing deportation.  The only reason he is not a U.S. citizen is because he got in trouble in his years ago, but who hasn't, some where lucky enough not to get caught.  You see, Sam's father was a Laotian Freedom Fighterfr who was tricked into returning to Laos to help his comrades in arms, and is rumored to be put in a hole and shot.  Regardless he was never heard from again.  How many U.S. youths that grew up without a father were in the same boat.  He has since cleaned up his act, he is a good husband and father.  So ask yourself why is the U.S. government committing this atrocity?  Why are his U.S. children being denied their father and the cycle repeating itself?  Why is his unborn child never going to see his father?  Why is his family being thrown into a life of poverty and disorder due to a lack of common sense, red tape and 9/11 paranoia?  These policies will only one day breed domestic terrorists.  Why is our government so intent on breaking up this family?  Is this just another form of racism and segregation? Most importantly why are you not doing anything about it?