Are you tired of seeing and using L.O.L. for EVERYTHING that is posted on the Internet?  Friend say something funny... but not that funny?  A post make you smile, but not laugh so hard you woke your spouse up at 3AM?  re you really Rolling on the Floor???  If so... you might want to check your meds... but if not really then try something new!  Try something of your own... like me... I use C.T.M.S., CTMS stands for Chuckling to Myself.  A much truer statement of how i feel and such a relief to LOL!!!  LOL!!!!  LOL!!!!  ...admit it!  It wasn't THAT funny!?!  ...mildly amusing maybe... but ROTFLMFAO???  Stop the old timey sayings and be unique... like everyone else will be!  Everyone will be using CTMS soon and I know you don't want to be left out!  ..Help us help you and spread the word!  Be done with OLD SAYINGS.. break free and be yourself!  Smile it was a little funny!